11 Best GitHub Repositories That Help You Become A Better Software Developer

Oliver Jumpertz
8 min readJul 18, 2022

GitHub hosts more than 200,000,000 repositories, but only a fraction of them are valuable resources for specific niches.

Next to many repositories with learning projects, open source software, and collections of ideas, you sometimes find a few gems. Mainly thanks to GitHub’s native markdown support, the platform often even hosts full books or collections of learning resources for nearly anything.

Over time, I collected quite a few precious repositories that contain so much knowledge that you can use to become a better developer. Particularly software developers can be pretty happy because most of those resources focus precisely on their craft.

In this article, I will share the 11 best repositories that help you become a better software developer.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Professional Programming

Professional Programming

Professional Programming is a classic resource collection.

You get many tips on outstanding books, many more worthwhile articles to consume, and a link for nearly everything you can probably imagine.

This repository will take quite some time to go through, but every single piece inside it is worth being consumed if you really strive to become a better software developer.

2. 30 seconds of code

30 seconds of code

30 seconds of code contains JavaScript code snippets.

If you now ask yourself what a snippet is, take it like this: For quite a few problems you can imagine, there is at least one possible solution. A snippet presents this solution in an easy-to-digest way, shows you the code, additionally describes it a little, and that’s it.

This repository is the perfect bookmark if you ever get stuck. Just jump into it and look at whether there is already a solution for…